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September 9, 2018

Today I will be reviewing two must-have products from Baby Wings that I recently received. I was super excited when my package arrived ( the company is based in the UK, however, the shipping is super fast and I would recommend it to all US-based mommies) and I opened it to find a selection of three different color pacifier cases and one silicon Mash'N'Stash food container.

Baby Wings Pacifier Case 


Let's talk about this cute and practical pacifier cases first. I think most parents will agree that their little one is constantly losing the pacifier and most of the times it will be near impossible to find it and keep it clean especially outdoors. You cannot blame the adorable little ones and ask them to be careful so the only thing left to do is search behind the bed, among the toys, on the floor for that elusive pacifier and it can get worse real quick once the crying starts. That is why I opted to order a hard case pacifier holder for my little one (coming soon) and have it attached to my diaper bag or stroller at all times. All that you need to do is attach the baby pacifier case in one easy move when your little one is not using it. They're so bright and colorful and will go with any stroller design. Baby Wings cases come in three colors: pink, blue and green (3 pack) and they can hold up to 2 pacifiers/nipple pads. The 100% polypropylene Baby Soother Case is hard-wearing and washable with a convenient clasp to attach it to your diaper bag or stroller (as previously mentioned). The best part about these pacifier cases is that these are made with the utmost care. They are completely free from lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalate. I found it to be super lightweight but durable in nature.

These cases are super affordable ($11.97) and make for a great Baby Shower gift! If you would like to order a set for yourself or someone you know is expecting click the link below:

Mash'N'Stash Weaning Pods 


A lot of moms now prefer giving their little ones freshly made home cooked meals and I am one of them. I just can't stand all the processed food and store-bought mashes that apparently have an expiration date in 3025 (what the hell they put in them?). The great thing about doing your own baby food is that you know exactly what ingredients your baby will be consuming and fortunately you don't need to worry about doing it every day as babies don't eat that match and you can create multiple batches in one go. The great thing about doing the entire process in batches and well in advance is that it saves moms a lot of time, effort and money. There is no need to take out the bulky food processing machine every single time and you do not have to waste time deciding what food to prepare. However, it is important for mommies to know that not all ice pod trays are made equally. In fact, if baby food is the topic, it is important to make sure that the freezer trays are actually made from safe and durable material to keep baby from harm. Food trays with covers are also highly recommended to prevent freezer burn and keep the purees fresh and nutritious even if it has been stored for a few days. That's why I absolutely love Baby Wings Mash'N'Stash freezer pods. Not only does the Baby Wings silicone freezer tray with lid allows you to conveniently store your delicious homemade baby food it can also double up as breast milk storage or as a baby snack tray. Simply prepare a batch of your favorite homemade baby food and freeze it for later, so you have great tasting baby food at any time.

How does it differ from the other freezer trays available in the market? For starters, it is made from 100% Food Grade Silicone! Baby Food Storage Pots are hard-wearing and washable without leaching of chemicals or odor. Each baby food container also has a flexible silicone lid to help prevent spills, freezer burn and even enable easy stacking in your freezer. Again, same as with pacifier cases, there are absolutely no leads and no phthalates or other nasty stuff in your baby food freezer storage. It is entirely BPA Free baby freezer tray. Not only is silicone less toxic, it is also very soft and bendable. In case your food is already frozen solid, you will still not go through a hard time removing the lid – it is easy to take off and clip back on yet still keeps its shape. The secure seal that the silicone lid ensure that the food inside does not get contaminated with other odors or flavors. It comes in purple color and the price is right on point ($13.97)!


You can purchase it here:


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links or/and ''free'' tested products. 

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