January 10, 2019

Having a loved one overseas is hard enough however it gets especially hard during holidays and special occasions. We as a Military family try hard to maintain a sense of normality during the period of absence of a family member but I must admit sometimes it gets pretty hard to deal with not having love and support of my husband for long periods of time. Currently, he is deployed to Afghanistan which makes it hard to have regular communication and have him be a part of our everyday life, so when his birthday came I thought long and hard what would be the best present to send. Something that will make him smile, will not cost a lot of money to ship, something durable and unique. Being that I gave birth during my husbands deployment the hardest part for both of us was him missing some of the milestones that I got to witness with our son. I tried very diligently to capture all of those moments and sending him a photo book seemed like a perfect birthday gift option. 

Presto Photo makes it easy to create a clean and simple photo book with image quality on a par with books almost twice as expensive. They also offer a huge range of customization options, from decorative themes to pages of ready-made photo spreads if you want them—but they’re easy to ignore if you don’t. Our Photo Book was also delivered in pristine condition, neatly wrapped and shipped inside a sturdy cardboard box. At face value, the book costs less than its more famous competitors like Shutterfly but provides the same quality and care. Presto Photo recently began offering Layflat photo books as an option for their customers and I was super excited to review this product. Their Layflat photo books can be produced in two ways, the Seamless Layflat printed on Lustre 450 Photo Paper and the Hinged Layflat printed on our Velvet 250 Hinged Photo Paper. That means you won't lose anything to the center spread like you would with a Traditional Bound Photo Book. If you have photos you want to be shown as two-page spreads, this is the way to go.

Seamless Layflat Photo Books create beautiful 2-page spreads that flow across both pages without worrying about losing anything in the gutter. The Photo Paper used is thick, durable, and just the right mix of Matte and Glossy.


Hinged Layflat Hardcovers are an economical option to get rid of the page curl. By using a plastic hinge flap that runs down the center of the spread, you will still get that Layflat look at a lower price point. Great for portfolios and look-books!

I made an 11"x8.5" Layflat Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book with Velvet 250 Hinged Photo Paper and the total price with shipping was $32 which is a great price point for the service provided. The only negative for me was the interface. It does require time and a little bit of proficiency to create a book that will look stunning. The online book editor includes several tools to help you create a photo book. Your project is stored online while you work on it, so you can save, share or add photos to your photo book at any time. If you don’t know what a certain button does, hovering over it with your mouse reveals an explanation. You can upload photos directly to the photo book editor from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, and several other sources. The one thing that could improve the interface would be an automatic shuffle feature that would help you decide the best arrangements for photos on a page; as it is, you have to move each photo individually to experiment with a new arrangement.

With that said, Presto Photo Layflat Photo Book is an awesome option as a personal keepsake or as a present for grandparents, uncles and aunts, loved ones or mommies and daddies overseas! Our daddy was very happy to receive his book to keep him company during his deployment and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to bring a smile to their service member serving away from their home. 


Disclosure: I was gifted this product, but all views are my own.

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