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November 18, 2018

YEY ME! Today marks exactly 6 weeks from my c - section and my last appointment with my doctor is finally here! Now that my incision is healed I can dedicate my self to reducing my scar and for that overall appearance of my body! 

Properly taking care of your incision is really important to get the very best possible result from your scar later on. Before applying any products on your own always make sure to check with your doctor. I really tried to follow all the instructions post op to the T. 

What I decided to do when it comes to the appearance of my scar is:

1. Drink a lot of water

2. Scar away strips

3. MidorI family oil and balm for stretch marks and scars 


Today I will talk more about the oil and the balm I got to try out and absolutely loved. I was fortunate enough not to have excessive stretchmarks however they are very red and therefor quite visible.


Midori Natural Stretch Mark Oil is specially formulated with sensitivity in mind and taking into account new and expecting mothers, this product is 100 percent oil. It has a mild scent of fresh orange and provides a velvety, silky moisturizing feel without being greasy. This particular oil blend contains Tamanu, Rosehip and Baobab to boost skin elasticity and firmness and at the same time it is super soothing and cooling. I normally apply it by gently massaging the product in and leaving it to air dry for five minutes. 

Midori Natural Stretch Mark Balm is deeply moisturizing. It has a delicious coconut scent and it is produced using certified organic ingredients. No more stretch marks! In-fact, this product goes a long way when you apply it in combination with the oil and you don't need a lot making the product last for a while. It absorbs quickly leaving a soft supple feel afterwards. 


You can read more about the products here!


I have a surprise for all c section mommies! Here is 20% off all products for everyone : WARMCOFFEEHUB20 ! Merry November! 



Disclosure: I was gifted this product, but all views are my own.


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