February 19, 2018

One of California’s greatest features is its variety and abundance of choices. Locals as well as visitors can enjoy laying on the sun-soaked beaches, riding the waves, exploring national parks, hiking the wild, and so much more! Both my husband and I are super adventurers and we jump at any opportunity to explore our city as well as other countries, so when we heard that we can Zipline at Pacific Crest’s tree-based courses we immediately said yes!

Ziplines at Pacific Crest is home of two of the most thrilling zipline courses in the nation. They’re located just 75 miles from Los Angeles, right above Rancho Cucamonga in the San Gabriel Mountains! The office itself is in the tiny mountain village of Wrightwood, which we fell in love with instantly! We strongly recommend booking your zipline appointment for late morning/early afternoon and getting up a little bit early, so you can enjoy a yummy breakfast and explore the place beforehand.


Our day started at 8 AM with a short 40 min drive and a touch of pit stops to enjoy the local scenery. If you are looking for a good pre zipline breakfast we recommend the Grizzly Cafe or the Cinnamon's Bakery & Sandwich Shoppe.


We checked in a little bit before time, so we could leave our stuff and go to the bathroom (make sure you relieve yourself prior to ziplining because there is no such option once you start the tour). When it comes to your wardrobe, make sure you are comfortable (I wore my gym clothes) and warm (depending on the time of the year or day as it can get very cold).

We had never done ziplining before, therefore, I wanted to be sure we were in good hands. The “Ziplines at Pacific Crest” team didn’t disappoint. They emphasized safety at every step of the tour religiously. First, we had a short intro of the safety equipment, and were given helmets, big gloves and a rather fetching harness to wear.  Luckily, they had a helmet with a clip for my go-pro camera, so I managed to get some videos as I zipped across! Our group consisted of 8 people to include kids as young as 10 years old.


Some of the rules for participating are:

  • Weigh between 90 and 250 pounds, and agree to be discretely weighed upon check-in

  • Sign a Guest Agreement

  • Be at least 10 years of age

  • If you’re under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign your Guest Agreement

  • If you’re under 14, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Guest Agreement AND you must be actively accompanied on the tour by your parent or another adult designated by your parent to serve as chaperone

  • Be in good health and prepared to participate in an active tour

  • Be able to comfortably walk one mile

  • Be able to comfortably hold both hands over your head

  • Have the strength to pull yourself along the cable and to slow yourself using a glove to create friction on the cable

When we were strapped, fastened, clipped, clasped and secured in our harnesses my adrenaline was, literally, sky high. There are couple of types of tours you can take with Ziplines At Pacific Crest and we opted for the longest and most trilling one – The Canopy Tour!


What is the Canopy Tour?

  • Your will experience 9 exhilarating ziplines, up to 1500 ft. long

  • Soar 300 ft. above the forest floor

  • Zip across Buford Canyon at speeds up to 55 mph!

Is your heart pumping yet? There’s more:

  • Your will rappel from two of the majestic big pines 90 feet up!

  • Dare to cross two “Indiana-Jones” style sky-bridges, up to 200 ft. long and 180 ft. high

  • Climb suspended sky-stairs high into the tree

  • Three short hikes let you enjoy the beautiful mountains around you

  • Self- breaking system


$129/person, Friday – Sunday
$119/person, Monday – Thursday


What other types of Tours can you book?
There are 3 more tours you van opt for: The Mountain View Tour, Ultimate All-Day Adventure and Quest Tour!

Now let’s get back to our tour. After strapping in and getting to know our two amazing guides (Ben and Fawks) we took the shuttle to the starting point of our tour. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the helmets are meant for this part of the tour exclusively! I would like to take this moment to thank our driver for not killing us all. After arriving up the mountain and receiving a 20 min introduction to the course and the rules, we were ready to fly. We started off with 2 smaller and easy to handle zips that gave us an idea what to expect down the line (no pun intended).


While safety was a top priority, guides encouraged a bit of fun and were happy to let us take some hands-free pictures or even speed race on the tandem zip. The biggest adrenaline rush by far was the Zip across Buford Canyon at the 55-mph speed! Besides the ziplines, which are simply magnificent, I truly enjoyed the full tour experience. We went across sky-bridges, rappels, tree platforms, and couple of small hikes.


There is a small amount of walking between zips that you must be prepared for. Luckily the witty guides kept everyone laughing loud enough to drown out my wheezing and heavy breathing. I’m truly grateful for that.


The views were amazing.  Soaring high over the trees I dared myself to look around, to enjoy it and let go of all of my fears.  It wasn’t half as scary as I had expected, and I wanted to go again as soon as possible. My husband, on the other hand, would not agree with this, however, he too would do it again in a heartbeat. After the first couple of ziplines I was starting to get the hang of it, loving every second of whizzing through the air!  I felt confident and empowered! The hardest challenge for me was the rappel from two majestic pines from 90 feet up. There is just something not natural about flicking yourself off a platform and trusting a rope and a branch to catch you and not break.


Tip of the Day: Make sure you take the full advantage of two guides on your tour as they know their stuff! They are experts in the local ecology and fully knowledgeable about anything that has to do with your tour.

After finishing the course, we were met by the same driver and headed back to the starting location AKA the Ziplines at Pacific Crest office. There you can buy pictures or gear and get out of the harnesses.


and I guarantee this experience will not be one you will soon forget. I was bummed I had not done it sooner and I plan to go back again during the winter as I think it would be amazing to zip over the snow as well.

The thrill-seeker in me cannot rest after experiencing the Ziplines at the Pacific Crest. We are already planning our return for the Full Moon Ziplining experience! It is a great value, and lots of fun adventure we will not forget any time soon!  Its perfect for larger group or friends or couples no matter the day, however, I truly recommend it for those special occasions like birthdays!

For 20% off use the code: WARMCOFFEEHUB20


Disclaimer: We have been invited to try out Ziplines at Pacific Crest free of charge! Views and opinions as well all the photos are my own! 



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