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May 9, 2017

We've all heard of juice detoxes, different diets, and pills that help you lose weight with as little effort as possible, right? Well, I call bull on all of it. There are simply no great results without constant effort that include healthy lifestyle, exercise, and drinking lots and lots of water. What you CAN do is make sure that the water or liquid you drink tastes good and is beneficial for your overall health.

I was never a huge fan of teas (more of a coffee drinker), but I decided to try a new product that I came across called “Green Juice Tea”. It features 11 Gently Dried Super-food Ingredients that have amazing benefits with each ingredient aiding and assisting in weight loss, post gym fatigue, boosting your immune system, getting more energy, and so much more. I started my 14 day teatox where you drink one tea every morning or whenever yo


u need an energy boost. After moving to Los Angeles, I put on quite a few pounds. I have since been going to the gym a few times a week to get my weight back down. I'm not one to worry about my weight, but I was over 150 pounds for the first time in my life and knowing that the weight was fat and not muscle made me a bit upset. What I like about the Green Juice Tea is that it’s simple, easy, involves no juicing, no mess and no fuss; simply boil the kettle, pour, wait and drink. It’s the simplest way to give your body the best start each day. Being that I am an avid coffee drinker and drink it every morning, I just simply replaced my caffeine with tea.


Green Juice Tea claims their tea can:

• Boost your metabolism

• Kick-start your energy levels

• Improve your mental clarity

• Improve your overall health

• Reduce bloating

• Rejuvenate skin & hair health

• Cleanse & detoxify

• Help with post gym fatigue.


All of the tea's ingredients are categorized as Super Food and some of them are super beneficial such as Green Tea, Matcha, Goji Berry, Peppermint etc.! You do this teatox alongside your regular diet, eating healthy, and exercising as usual. This was appealing to me because I don't want to starve myself to lose loads of weight all in one go. I know that isn't healthy. I have, however, started eating healthier than I normally would, with less naughty snacks! I have yogurt or porridge for breakfast, more fruit, chicken, and a healthy-ish dinner with veggies. Also, I’ve been suffering from some indigestion and bloating in the past few months. In the past few months I’ve been suffering from some indigestion and bloating. Coincidentally, as I was researching on which teatox I wanted to try, I was contacted by Green Juice Tea to do a review of their new product, (I guess this must be the law of attraction working its magic? I can’t complain!), so it seemed as a logical next step to give it a go.

14-day result: I found this tea to be not overly aromatic and not bitter (I hate bitter teas). It gives me a generous amount of energy during the day and suppresses my appetite at least until 4PM-ish. I would say, it is very easy to drink. I leave it for at least 6 mins after pouring the boiling water in, before I drink it. Ok so now the most important part, the weight loss, I weighed myself on day 1 and I weighed exactly 75.5kgs (167 pounds). After drinking the tea for 8 days in a row I currently weigh 72.4kgs (161 pounds), that’s around a 2kg weight loss in 8 days, which I believe is an OK result. However, I believe that to see real results you need to consume the tea for at least a month and follow your regular healthy diet and exercise to a tee otherwise it is just a tea (nothing wrong with that, teas are extremely healthy and beneficial for our bodies).


Where can you buy Green Juice Tea? You can buy your 14-day supply directly on their webpage for the reasonable price of $19.99. Certain discounts for bigger orders exist.


Disclaimer: The item used for this review has been provided free of charge by Green Juice Tea! Views and opinions as well as photos are my own! This post was supported by Shopping Links!


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