July 16, 2018

Is this your first baby? Than same like me you are pretty much unsure about everything from nutrition, to supplies, to finances. Babies can but don’t have to be expensive. I plan to share my own journey and how we managed to remain economical but at the same time get everything we need for our little bundle of joy. Creating a baby registry for your baby at local and online stores for some of the things you’ll need can help ease the financial burden of parenting. It also gives loved ones some great ideas for helping you when it comes to baby necessities. We made some big purchases before we created a baby registry like the crib, changing table and the stroller leaving all the rest for our guest. Of course, you can always add these items to the registry as well and opt for co-gifting where couple of your guests can purchase a more expensive item together (Target has this option).  I personally felt more comfortable getting all the bigger items out of the way in advance as we already started working on the room leaving the smaller items for the baby shower and closer to the date of arrival.   

Below we’ll talk about some of the more popular online stores that have baby registry services, and in the follow post we I'll make a list of most relevant baby items you should add to your list. Every store’s registry has its benefits. Some people sign up for just one, others sign up for multiple registries (I did 3 different registries that I will mention below). Check out the details and benefits of each to see which one might be best for you. 

1. Amazon (welcome baby box included) 


Amazon is a great way to start if you are planning to have multiple registries as it offers the most comprehensive list of baby items and essentials. You will get the most out of your Amazon Baby Registry if you already are a Prime Member. However, no worries, if you are not there is a way you can still claim your welcome box by signing up for a Prime Member Trial that you can cancel at any time (within a month). As a Prime Member you will also be eligible for an extra 15% completion discount on qualifying purchases. A completion discount applies when you purchase the remaining items on your baby registry list after everyone is done giving gifts. If you’re not a Prime member, you’ll still be offered a 10% completion discount. You’ll also be eligible for rotating offers such as free parenting e-book, discounts from Tiny Prints, maternity clothes, product savings and more. Amazon registry is pretty straight forward and easy to manage very similar to any other baby registry you can find online. 

If you’re not satisfied with a gift you get from your Amazon Baby Registry, you have up to 90 days to return most items for a full refund. This feature will help ensure that none of your gifts sit in a closet or drawer unused. One down side is that you can’t just go into the store and see the items beforehand so you will pretty much have to rely on ratings and customer reviews/pictures.  


2. Target (welcome baby box included) 


Target has another popular baby registry program and not like Amazon you can actually go to the store and check out the items before you add them to the list. Everyone who creates a baby registry at Target gets a Welcome Kit worth $50. The Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit is loaded with sample items and coupons that will help you get your baby off to the right start and help you save money at the same time. It is very easy to claim your box, just create the registry first and after go to your nearest Target store to pick up your gift. Go to customer service desk and give them your email and baby registry number (you can just pull the registry on your phone and show them).   

 Like Amazon, Target offers a completion discount when you purchase the remaining items on your baby registry list after your due date passes. The Target completion discount is 15% across the board, however there are some limits to this discount. First, it can only be used for one in-store purchase and one online purchase, meaning you only have two “trips” to complete your baby registry purchases. Target works to make baby registry item returns easy by giving registry members up to one year to return “most new, unopened items” at a local Target store. 

Now if you are saving some of those big purchases for your baby shower, Target makes it easy for people to go in together on larger gift items on your baby registry.  

Someone in the group starts a group gift purchase. They’ll actually be sending you a gift card that includes a note saying “To be used toward the purchase of X brand car seat”, but you do have the option to purchase other things with it as well. 

Each member in the group gifting group will receive an individual link where they can go and contribute a specified dollar amount toward the e-gift card. The e-gift card is then sent to you and you can purchase the item specified or a different item. 

Target’s Baby Registry program comes with the ability to personalize your online registry with features such as custom URL and photos. This is a fun little benefit that can help people have an insight into you and your journey into parenthood. Both, Target and Amazon, help you get an idea of what items to include on your registry with their checklist. Super helpful for first time parents. 


3. Walmart (welcome baby box included) 
Until now I talked from my own experience as we have registered our baby shower items on both Amazon and Target, however Walmart list is unknown to me so I have gathered here things I found online. 
Walmart carries a wide range of baby-related items, offering you a one-stop shop for items like baby wash, diapers, onesies, strollers and cribs. FYI: There’s no baby shower registry completion discount here, and you need to make any and all returns in person. 


While already super-affordable, Walmart goes that extra step to offer a price-match guarantee for baby items from most retailers, including Amazon, Target and Kohl’s. And, like other retailers, Walmart gifts a free welcome box stuffed with coupons and samples to all parents who use the registry. The site doesn’t share a lot about what their Welcome Box contains; it simply says it will include product samples for each stage of your baby’s development, and that the boxes are available only while supplies last. It’s always free to return a baby registry item you’ve gotten from Walmart as long as you return it within the timeframe specified on their website, which can vary according to the product. Keep in mind that some items are only sold but not manufactured or shipped by Walmart. 


4. BabyList (welcome baby box included) 

My first choice for baby registry was Baby List mostly because on this site you can add products from any online retailer you choose including Etsy, Costco, Target and the small mom and pop stores. Yes, gift-givers can find—and buy—everything in one place. Baby list baby shower registry offers expectant parents a “Hello Baby” sample box filled with up to $160 worth of samples, along with other coupons and goodies. Also, 60 days before your baby’s due date, Babylist will give you a one-time-only 10 percent discount on all remaining items sold by Babylist, which you can use for up to six months after your baby’s due date. 

One feature that really stood out to me is the ability to add service gifts onto your Baby List registry. You can include gift options such as: 

  • Meals delivered 

  • Service-oriented gifts such as pet or babysitting an older child 

  • Diaper service plans 

5. baby registry

Another universal baby registry, allows you to add gifts from literally any store in the world, whether it has a website or not. To help make it easy-peasy, MyRegistry has an “Add to MyRegistry” button that you can plunk on your browser and click and add away. If you’re in-store, simply scan any product’s barcode with your smartphone (you’ll need the MyRegistry app) to add items to your baby shower registry. Another plus is that you can import your registries at other stores. There’s also a funding option, so parents-to-be can ask for cash gifts but be aware that there are fees involved.  

I have personally opted for 3 of 5 listed above (Target, Amazon, BabyList and will share with you my experience and what items I have received in their respective welcome boxes closer to the date! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links! 

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