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Love Matea xx
Los Angeles, California 



August 30, 2017

From time to time I get an extraordinary privilege to work on a project that I personally believe in and that is exactly how I feel about Amor & Rosas. This fashion company delivers authentic WOMEN'S CLOTHING WHILE EMPOWERING UNDER PRIVILEGED WOMEN IN LATIN AMERICA AND PRESERVING THEIR CULTURAL HERITAGE.

Amor & Rosas was founded by Debra & Laura, two exceptional young ladies who met while doing their masters at Yale University and bonded over a shared love for social entrepreneurship. Amor & Rosas won a prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship which included building an impressive board of advisors, funding, pro-bono legal, and a supportive community. The ladies work across borders with an office in Mexico City and Seattle, in order to bring authentic, modern clothing to the American market.

Amor & Rosas help women unleash their potential while spreading an important message about female empowerment by providing them with opportunities while also showcasing the ancestral techniques from villages around Latin America. The artisans who make these incredibly unique garments using their ancestral techniques with some dating back to pre-Aztec times. Each piece of clothing is signed by the artisan who put their hand and heart into that garment. As an environmentally conscious young individual, I find it crucial for all of us to support companies who understand the importance of sustainability across the industry there for I am very happy to see a company that identified a need for better practices in the fashion production. Companies that believe in sustainable sourcing and being kind to the earth are the ones that all of us need to stand behind or we will be wearing all our fancy clothes on Mars.

For all of you who would like to join a social movement by empowering women and sustainable fashion
A&R offers exclusive 15% discount by using Love15 at checkout!

This super fashionable LIMITED EDITION tee that I received from Amor&Rosas is called 'Liberation in Bloom' and you can get you by clicking here! The shirt I am wearing is made out of REBOZO! The rebozo is a Mestizo garment that was crafted by indigenous women after the Spanish colonization of Mexico.As a result of the colonization, indigenous people started practicing Catholicism and women were asked to cover themselves to enter the temples. Mestizo women used the pre-Hispanic waist loom, which follows a 15-step process and takes 6-8 weeks of work, to imitate fabrics worn by Spanish people.Originally rebozo was made solely with cotton, but over time silk and wool were introduced into the technique. Today, only a few artisans know how to make rebozo and the tradition is, sadly, near extinction.


Make sure to check all the beautiful fashion pieces that Amor & Rosas has to offer! Plus everyone will get a chance to WIN Amor & Rosas' Hand-Painted Rabbit Bomber Jacket! by participating in the sweepstake below! Good luck!

The items used for this review have been provided free of charge by Amor&Rosas! Views and opinions as well as photos are my own! This post was supported by BrandBacker!

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