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December 6, 2017

My husband has been considering getting his teeth professionally whitened for a while now. So, naturally I went into research mode to find the best option available. Of course, neither of us seemed excited to shell out a couple thousands of dollars to achieve crystal pearly whites, therefore, we considered getting an at -home teeth whitening kit. My husband used it before, but with little effect and I have only whitened my teeth at a dentist office, so we were both skeptical at the beginning. 

I did my homework (research) and concluded that at-home whitening kits can be as effective as whitening your teeth with the dentist, if you choose wisely. For instance, the whitening kits are less expensive and whitening teeth at home can be more comfortable. Anyone can use it at his/her own pace without having to set any appointments and driving to and from the dental office. Also, teeth whitening kits are widely available and easy to use. They are safe and everyone wanting to whiten their teeth can opt for it.


We were lucky enough to collaborate with Smile Brilliant on our little ‘’pearly whites’’ project and get their professional kit to try out. 

What is Smile Brilliant?
An at-home, professional strength, CUSTOM teeth whitening system.


What is the process?

In a few days’ time, we received a full kit by mail that included the following: putty mold, detailed instructions, whitening gel, and desensitizing gel. After reading the step by step instructions, we made molds of our teeth (upper and lower jaw). We sent the molds back (padded envelope and postage was included) and two weeks later we received a small container with my hubby’s custom trays. He was ready to start whitening! 

How to use it?
My husband was ready to go the first day he received his custom tray. Make sure you put an even layer of the teeth whitening gel in your trays to make sure your teeth are coated. He would leave his trays on for about 45-60 minutes max for about 5 times a week. The first time he used it he slightly complained about the strength of the gel, however, he used the desensitizing gel right after and that eased his mind (and mouth). After whitening he would leave the desensitizing gel for about 20 minutes, and reported that he had  minimal to no tooth sensitivity after the entire process!


What we love about Smile Brilliant? 

• Delivers results almost instantly! My husband’s teeth were at least one to two shades whiter than before after 3 days of using the product. 

• Affordable! Package options start at $129 (one visit to the dentist will set you back at least $700) 

• Hassle-free and convenient! This is ideal for people that lead a busy lifestyle and find it difficult to fit in regular appointments at the dentist, although the kits should not be used as an alternative to going to regular dental hygiene sessions with your dentist.

• It removes the most typical tooth stains created by drinking coffee, red wine, sports drinks, sodas, berries or other colored foods and sauces. 


• It is possible that some people will experience a more than normal sensitivity when whitening teeth, and for this reason I would strongly recommend talking to your dentist (if you have never tried whitening before) or contact Smile Brilliant directly and ask for their opinion on whether the kit will be suitable for you. 

• Teeth whitening is not suitable for everybody. If you have false teeth, crowns or caps, then they will not work as they only act on natural teeth.

After seeing my husband test this product, we would definitely recommend it to my friends, family, and followers. Foremost we all can agree that a dazzling smile helps with confidence and improves your overall look. 


Learn more about Smile Brilliantteeth whitening or purchase your own teeth whitening kit!   Use coupon WARMCOFFEEHUB for 10% off your next purchase! 




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