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November 29, 2017

The Holidays are here! I must admit I am a little bit obsessed with the winter holidays and I have been patiently waiting for my favorite season to arrive. As you all know, I’m also a little bit obsessed with photography. What I like about photography is that it captures a moment that is gone forever. Impossible to be reproduced again. What do you do with those moments? Discard them? Let them be forgotten on a card? roll of film? phone? Or would you showcase all those beautiful moments with your loved ones?There is no better gift that you can give than a frozen moment in time (every amateur photographer will tell you that). Today we are talking the gift or photography for this holiday season (or as I like to call it a gift of love).


The question of whether your photography is art or not, is a total non-issue, and can only be viewed through your own eyes. What I can tell you with certainty is that having a tangible photograph or a loved one is priceless, especially when that loved one is not near or no longer present. It is a kind of gift that is personal in nature; one that requires more time and care than getting a generic gift online or at a local mall.


As I already mentioned, it is the season of giving, so I decided to partner up with PRESTO PHOTO and make a very unique gift for my husband this Thanksgiving.

About the company?

Presto allows you to make your own customized photo products at an affordable price (especially their shipping prices!). They make it so easy to turn your photos into precious keepsakes including photo books, cards, calendars and more! The company was founded in 2005 and it started out in the travel industry, sharing images and details of helpful tips and tools for traveling. Soon after they began printing travel books and the rest is history!


The order - Brushed Matte Metal Prints!

I chose to create a very special kind of wall art that I thought would impress my husband the most - Brushed Matte Metal Prints! Of all the ways to turn photos into wall art, I was most interested in trying the Metal Prints from Presto Photos due to their industrial look. For less than the cost of a couple of movie tickets and snacks, you can make huge impact on both the person they are meant for and on anyone else that walks into the room and sees it. Mind you, it’s a specific aesthetic, one that’s most likely to appeal to those who are after an industrial, artsy or modern minimalistic look. The metal is thin and light weight; it comes in two distinctive looks – Brushed Matte and Ultra Gloss. I decided to go with Brushed Matte and it worked out great for our house as it does not need to be framed. You can stick them to the wall with a crafting tape or hang the prints in traditional way using a nail.

Delivery was a bit slow (it took about 2 weeks to receive the final product), but it far exceeded my expectations when it comes to quality. The wall art was neatly packed and protected; it arrived in perfect condition.

Why Metal pictures and how much does it cost?

Metal pictures are perfect for your home or office and give that extra pop of vibrancy and uniqueness that you just can’t get with ordinary prints. This is just a perfect option if you are looking for a gift that will stand out (Christmas present?).

Both the front and the back of my Brushed Matte Metal Print is professionally finished and cut to the perfect size. The Presto Photo Metal prints are extremely durable, and your prints will last for years! If you go for the glossy version keep in mind that the colors are more enhanced, luminous, have more depth, and detail than brushed matte.

The price of your order will depend on multiple things. First how many images you are planning to print,  the size, and the shape you choose. I chose the 8x12 inches portrait image; the price of one was $39.99 + $5.99 shipping! That is affordable for a beautiful piece of décor for your home or a perfect present for your loved one!

If you want to check out and learn more about Presto Photo click here + you can use the code PRESTOWALLART and save 25% on your order.


Disclaimer: The items used for this review have been provided free of charge by PRESTOPHOTO! Views and opinions as well as all the photos are my own! 



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