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Los Angeles, California 



July 24, 2017

L.A.'s Art District is the city's neighborhood to watch! This is THE HUB for city's young, professional and creative Angelenos who love art, design and good food! Regardless if you are visiting LA or living here, this is the place you have to visit and make time for. There are around 20 newly opened galleries, tons of boho style boutiques and lots and lots of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. 


Although I am not born and raised in LA I consider myself to be a part of this huge melting pot of foreigners and locals that make this city great and I spend every free moment exploring this magnificent city with my hubby who is as native to LA as someone can be. With an abundance of choice comes a common dilemma. Where to go next? What to do? Where to eat? So naturally, as these things go, we decided to head out and explore the Art district with out an official plan. It didn't take us long to spot the URTH CAFFEE and its horde of something I can only describe as faithful followers. Out of Urth's five distinctive locations throughout Los Angeles, the South Hewitt St is by far the most iconic one. Nestled among abandoned warehouses and galleries this place gets its fair share of artists and young entrepreneurs as well as tourists on its sunny patio. I strongly believe that it is in the human nature to group together so naturally we were immediately attracted to the crowd and stopped to check this place out. Urth Caffe was established in 1989 and has the title of being America's first exclusively organic coffee company (HELLOOO COFFEE!). Menus are extensive, healthy and organic and, although a little bit pricey, it is worth a try. I highly recommend going early morning and enjoying the patio before the heat hits and you literally melt (the perks of living in LA) and that is exactly what we did. 

Once we entered we were faced with the very tough decision of choosing between numerous breakfast choices, tantalizing soups, fresh salads, pizzas, drinks, and desserts. It was a hard choice but we went with Wild Mushroom Pizza, Signature Urth Pot Roast Sandwich, Duchess of Hazelnut Cake, Creme Brule: Pompeii cream puff, Apple Juice & Ice Mocha! 


We placed our order and twenty minutes later, a waiter came and brought us our food. I was surprised by how quick the food came out because of the business of the cafe. The size of the meals was perfect: not too big, but not too small. It left you satisfied but not in desperate need of an after meal snack. The food itself was exquisite and it looked as great as it tasted. The vegetables were fresh, the panini was perfect, and the blended drinks were perfectly chilled. 

Wild Mushroom Pizza is hearty and flavorful with sautéed wild mushrooms, braised balsamic onions, mozzarella, burrata and truffle pecorino cheeses and garnished with wild arugula. Delicious, organic and down to earth tasty pizza that is right now on the second place on my list of all time favorites. Our second dish was the signature URTH Pot Roast Sandwich with slow roasted all natural beef, and natural juices on a classic French baguette. Served with a locally grown mixed greens salad and homemade horseradish sauce. It's one of those sandwiches you eat with gusto in all its rustic and savory juiciness. 

The range of mouth watering desserts was daunting, but those in the know often opt for the Duchess of Hazelnut. Scrumptious chocolate and hazelnut layer cake that will leave you with diabetes but you won't care because it is a sweet sweet welcome ending to a good meal. My hubby's choice was Pompeii Cream Puff which is a puff pastry shell filled with salted caramel and vanilla pastry cream (what can I say). 


What I really like is that outdoor patio had also a selection of flavored waters for the guests which is such a good thing to have on a hot day! As we took our Instagram worthy pictures and finished our meals, we both concluded that the hype of Urth Caffee was justified and that Urth's patio will see us again.  




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