July 15, 2017

Since I bought my first digital camera, I have been obsessed with photography. I live and breathe for the moments that are so eye capturing. I feel I must preserve them forever. However, what can you do with all those amazing photos you take? Ultimately it would be a shame not to showcase your art or display all those beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Beautiful images are the ultimate room change. So today we are talking about how to shop, frame, and hang your favorite images on a wall.

Shopping for and purchasing art used to be difficult and just generally humiliating with only a couple of options – either generic mass-produced pieces from chain stores by nameless ‘artists’ (some of which are still selling these and should just stop) or from art galleries. These galleries are generally wildly more expensive, not to mention inconvenient and inaccessible. The internet changed everything and made the artist profession a real profitable career and democratized it for us non-artist art lovers.

The company I absolutely love because they do amazing and professional work when it comes to printing and framing is ART TO FRAMESArt To Frames is a family-owned business focused on creating affordable beautiful and long-lasting products. Any size, any shape, any style, or any occasion! How awesome is that! All their products are made by hand in Brooklyn by skilled artisans using quality materials.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram know that my little family is in the process of purchasing our first house. These are probably the most stressful yet the most exciting times of our lives. I was super excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with Art To Frames because interior decorating is probably the most fun part of moving into a new house and I appreciate the care that only a family based business can provide in such circumstances. ATF has been helping artists and families tell their stories through beautiful hand-made products that perfectly complement each photograph or work of art. In our case, we decided to go ahead and order 6 beautiful acrylic prints that will be placed above our stairs and compliment the décor perfectly.

What are Acrylic pictures?

Acrylic pictures are pictures mounted under an acrylic glass. They are crystal clear, elegant looking and provide super vivid colors in High Definition! Whether you're printing an Instagram snapshot or a professionally captured portrait, acrylic offers an unparalleled luminescence and sense of depth. Available in any size up to 40 x 60, acrylic prints are a perfect fit for any space.


Why Acrylic pictures and how much does it cost?

Acrylic pictures are perfect for your home or office and give that extra pop of vibrancy that you just can’t get with ordinary prints. All my 6 prints came in perfect condition, beautifully packaged and in less than a week. This is just a perfect option if you are looking for a gift that will stand out!


Both the front and sides of my acrylic print are professionally finished and cut to the perfect size. The Acrylic protects your photo from dust and scratches, is UV resistant and suitable for outdoors. So, your acrylic print will last for years! Acrylic prints enhance the color luminance, depth, and detail. That’s why museums and professional photographers often showcase their photos on Acrylic prints so naturally, I had to pick some of my favorite photographs to grace my new home!


The price of your order will depend on multiple things. First how many images you are planning to print and what size and shape will you chose. I chose 8x8 square images and the price of one is $18! That is affordable for a beautiful piece of décor for your home or a perfect present for your loved one!


How to style Acrylic prints (examples):

Where do order yours:

Check our Art To Frames website: https://www.arttoframe.com/acrylic_prints Besides Acrylic prints they have so much more options to choose from.  Frames for days!  


With promo code WCH30 you can get 30% off from your own Art to Frames' acrylic prints (any size) at checkout!


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