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April 12, 2017

COASTAL is a prescription and sunglasses website with loads of discounted fashionable options! The site is super easy to navigate and has some amazing sorting options to help you find exactly what you're looking for amongst their huge eyeglasses and sunglasses selection. You can sort by many things to include shape, price, and my personal favorite - color!!! When picking my glasses, I had two thoughts in mind. First, I wanted to make sure that I picked some glasses that I would wear on a daily basis. Second, I wanted to get something different than the glasses I already have. To be honest it was my first time purchasing prescription glasses online and I was worried that I might do something wrong or not like the result.


I’ve had glasses or contacts for most of my life.  In fact, I only saw clearly for 6-7 years before I had to get glasses. Ever since then, I’ve been utterly dependent on vision correction for my daily functions.  My eyes are so bad, I can’t see anything 2 feet in front of me with clarity (just ask my poor dog). I mostly wear contacts, but I also wear my glasses every day (in the morning before I put my contacts in, and in the evening when I take my contacts out). Of course, I always keep a pair of up-to-date glasses around as well because you just need to give your eyes a break from time to time. Plus, it is super easy to find fashionable eye-wear that will match your outfit and won't detour from your overall look.

I’ve always bought my glasses at my eye doctor’s office. What I don’t like about that is that my choices are always limited and it is just crazy expensive. So, I approached COASTAL for an opportunity to try out their online service and they generously obliged. To buy glasses online, you need a recent prescription from an eye doctor.  You’ll also need a pair of old glasses that fit you properly so you can easily choose frames that will fit your face. Inside each pair of glasses, there are three numbers that specify the lens, bridge, and temple measurements, and you can use those to sort through the glasses by size. If you don’t know your measurements, you can take a look at the temple arm of your existing pair of glasses or sunglasses. (picture example).


Once you’ve found your measurements, you can use the MyFit tool to help you narrow down your options. Simply enter the measurements that you found above and the MyFit tool will curate a selection of glasses just for you. My face is heart shaped, so I personally preferred the option of searching for my ideal pair by using the Face Shape Guide. After selecting the shape of my face, I sorted the glasses by the desired color.

First, I sorted by pink. Then by purple. Then by blue. Then by green and BINGO! The first pair I landed on was Deckard by Derek Cardigan and I instantly fell in love. I'll talk more about why I made those selections in a minute. But first, let's talk shipping! The glasses are shipped from Canada and the buyer receives the tracking code once the shipment has been dispatched. I tracked the package every single day until I arrived on my doorstep. It only took a few days. Very quick! I think the packaging is cool because the glasses are packaged individually in their unique box to protect them from any damage. Genius! The glasses arrived safely and fit me so well. The new pair fit my personality perfectly and didn’t make me feel dizzy the first few days of wearing them like some glasses do. I would wholeheartedly recommend buying your next pair of glasses online, especially if you are not a first-time buyer because as a seasoned user it took me less than 15 min to place my order and less than a week to receive my pair for more than a reasonable price. Who wouldn’t want that!!!!


Now let’s get back to my new metallic green pair of Derek Cardigan’s. A lot of people like to use subtle ways to convey their sense of taste and style; wearing a pair of fashionable glasses is just the right way to subtly tell people how trendy you are. Fashion buffs just love to show off these glasses and I am no exception.

My Deckard frame has a classic retro wingtip shape with a gleaming matte metal finish. The curved brow and straight-lined bottom suit me perfectly. The frame is designed to be comfortable and to sit well on the nose of the wearer and stainless steel is hypoallergenic and resistant to rust, making it perfect for sensitive skin, as well as a variety of outdoor elements and conditions. Yes, we travel bloggers and outdoorsy types can finally breathe with ease because these are the pair of glasses that will make our blurry life a little bit sharper. Derek Cardigan's glasses give you the confidence to step in style.


Yes, these celebrities may spend a whole lot of money buying fancy eye-wear, but you have the chance of getting these glasses at a much lower price if you choose to buy them online and get the top value for your money. I hope that my little review helped sway you in the right direction when it comes to your next eye-wear purchase. I’m certainly going to enjoy my new pair while on my next trip or roaming around town. If you see me drinking my latte at the famous LA’s art district next week do wave and say hi….now that I can guarantee you I’ll respond!


Disclaimer: The item used for this review has been provided free of charge by Coastal ! Views and opinions as well as photos are my own! This post was supported by Shopping Links!


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