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Los Angeles, California 



October 19, 2016

The corner of Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles has been the home of Gladstone Malibu for the past 44 years and going.  There’s probably no better restaurant on the beach to enjoy a meal, a Mai Tai or a sunset in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. With fantastic views of the ocean, you begin your experience by walking alongside the beach, straight into the deck dining area. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, you will have clear views of the water with plenty of opportunities to snap photos of passing birds and crashing waves. It’s truly difficult not to get excited or entranced by the atmosphere. Once inside, though, it’s just like most other coastal joints: blue and white nautical theme. 


This quirky ocean-themed restaurant boasts eclectic menu mostly concentrating of fresh fish that is sourced daily but also features ''From the Land'' dishes such as Prime Angus Beef and Mary's Organic Chicken. Vegetarians won't be disappointed too, however, don't expect a lot of choices at Gladstone Malibu as it is primarily seafood place. 

Upon our visit, we sampled a couple of great cocktails and also ordered Sourdough Loaf for the table (2$). My fiance ordered ''Catch of the Day'' which happened to be a sublime grilled, basil pesto crusted piece of Salmon that tasted just divine (30$). I went down more traditional route and ordered Linguine & Claims with pancetta and chilli flakes (27$.  All dishes were well thought through, very fresh and over-sized (you get what you paid for) and that's exactly what makes the meal here such an exciting culinary adventure. 

Besides the great food, the real reason to visit Gladstone's is the glorious vista of the sea, sky, and the beach. Sip on any cocktail,wine or beer from the wide selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages  and watch the sun dip into the ocean at sunset. Gladstone's outdoor Bar is central to the restaurant, providing a perfect place for crowd watching and downing an ale or two before feasting on some excellent food. 

Due to close proximity to the beach and scenic view, this spacious restaurant it's also ideal for hosting private events! 







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