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July 31, 2016

Mykonos is the great glamour island of Greece and happily flaunts its sizzling St-Tropez-meets-Ibiza style and party-hard reputation. The high-season is from middle of July until end of August and it is comprised out of supper cool and young mix of hedonistic holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds (which can reach 15,000 a day) and posturing fashionistas!

My companion for this trip was one of my beast friends Mira (who you will see in lot of my pictures) and we chose to go in the beginning of July and enjoy our summer holiday under the sizzling Greek sun on this wonderful island. Mykons is definitely one of the most popular Greek Island in the Aegean Sea and it is all about energy, tirquiz skies, tanning bodies and parting. That is why the island attracts a diverse and upscale crowd that thrives on its stylish nightlife. During the day some privacy can be had in the more secluded north beaches, but the south beaches are all packed with party goers. 


The capital town  of Mykonos (aka Hora) is a traditional white - colored Cycladic maze with an authentic cubist charm and Mediterranean cafe-bar-boutique scene.The number of tourists visiting Mykonos is booming, and there’s been a corresponding boom in construction and renovation: hip new hotels, beach bars and restaurants are plenty, and prices are escalating. In July and August, come only if you are prepared to pay and intent on joining the jostling street crowds.

We have decided to book our lodging outside the main town in order to have some privacy and also because it is definitely cheaper. We went for an affordable apartment accommodation for very good price with breakfast included (although we never used it) at - I swear by this page when it comes to affordable Hotel bookings. Renting a scouter or a four-wheeler is a must so you might as well look for accommodation further from the town as the parties are quite spread out across the island. Keep in mind that driving through town is forbidden after 8pm so you will do well to park outside the city limits if you plan to party in Hora! 


Besides being known as the party island Mykonos is also exceptionally beautiful. Stroll around its narrow marble streets and admire white houses with colourful doors and window frames, bougainvillea trees in purple bloom and hidden churches. Pay a visit to the church of Panayia Paraportiani, the Town hall and the castle situated above the harbour. Don’t forget to visit the Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums to take in a little history. Wander around the pedestrian shopping streets of the Hóra, always colourful and busy. The most glamorous of all is Matoyánni Street, lined with brand name stores, charming cafés and stylish restaurants.

While you’re out strolling, don’t be surprised if you come across the official mascot of Mykonos, which is nothing other than a... pelican! Pétros the Pelican was found by a fisherman after a storm, and eventually became the locals’ companion. exceptionally hospitable, kind and always ready for a chat.straight from the source about Greek history and culture. Greeks are residence into a conversation and hear Soak up the atmosphere along the lively waterfront and admire a fleet of fishing boats casting colourful reflections in the azure waters. Make sure to engage Greek 

One of the most scenic corners of the island is Alefkántra or “Little Venice”, an 18th century district, dominated by grand captains’ mansions with colourful balconies and stylish windows. With balconies perched over the sea, pictures of the famous Italian city spring to mind. Relax at a waterfront café and admire the view of the quaint windmills standing imposingly on the hillside above, set against a luminous blue backdrop.

The second traditional settlement of Mykonos is Áno Merá, situated around the historic monastery of Panayia Tourliani (a 16th century church with a brilliant carved wooden iconostasis). Rent a scouter and set out on a trip to discover the beauties of the island, in particularly its sun-kissed beaches. Along the southern coast you will find a great selection of the most cosmopolitan ones. Here, wild parties keep the crowds rocking day and night.Paradise and Super Paradise may already be familiar to you. Órnos and Psaroú are favorite spots for families. Try a visit too to Platis Yalós, with a well-organized beach where you can soak up the sun lazing on a sun lounge. However, if you are looking for a serene beach to unwind with a book, pick a less organized one on the northern coast of the island, like Ayia Ánna, Houlákia, Kápari, Agrári and Ayios Stéfanos.

Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself to some local Aegean specialties! Pepper flavoured kopanistí, a soft cheese seasoned with pepper, is the island’s gastronomic trademark. Try it as a topping on a round rusk spread with grated tomato, a favourite local mezés (appetiser). Meat eaters can sample “loúzes” (cooked pork filet with spices) and tasty local sausages sprinkled with pepper, and local oregano that has been caressed by the sun and dried in the north wind. To finish off your meal you can sample two exceptionally good local pastries, “amigdalotá” (small round cakes with ground almond, rosewater and caster sugar) and honey pie.


If you find yourself in Mykonos take the opportunity to explore Santorini, just a short boat trip away.

You can get to Mykonos by plane or by ferry from Piraeus or Rafina Ports (Athens). Cars are not permitted in the town of Mykonos, but you can leave your car in a parking place on the outskirts. Buses, taxis and small passenger boats provide transport around the island.

Check the Ferry schedule below: 

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