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July 27, 2016

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Loredana Roccasalva was born in Modica, Italy into a family that envisioned her become a professor. Thankfully for us she decided to pursue a carrier in fashion design and textile. Loredana attended training at the European Institute of Design in Milan and after she worked in the offices of big names such as Cappuci, Versace Jeans and Gattinoni. After developing extensive experience in the clothing industry from design stage up to the finished product, she paraded her first haute couture collection in 2005 in Rome.


Vibrant colours and attention to detailed construction; this is what makes LR Couture unique. Anyone familiar with the works of Kusturica could argue that her work undeniable reminds us of the creative work of this magnificent filmmaker. Both Kusturica and Loredana managed to save and showcase rich history of  beautiful cultures and knowledge told through passion and detail. It is a recovery of biological times of life, a re-appropriation of their own space and the wisdom of their ancestors.


First thing that comes to mind when looking at Loredana's work is Roma Culture re-imagined as AltaModa. The designer herself said that the inspiration came from her hometown in Sicily, her work is filled with the rich culture of her city that gives the designer her own style in this short interview with EGO (


Of course I look from the view point of my own cultural background and see in it beautiful Gypsy handwork and motives from colourful caravans that passed though my hometown and imagine seeing those beautiful women wearing something as creative as Loredana's work. 


Loredana's SS16 Organic Couture collection is uniquely exceptional and by unique I mean research, quality of detail, refinement and sophistication. 'The woman wearing Loredana Roccasalva Couture is a woman who likes to experiment with forms and volumes and ancient stories in the drawer of memories which give life a new meaning' as pointed out very eloquently by Loredana herself.  The woman Loredana Roccasalva Couture not only wears a dress, but a dress full of references to art, crafts, stories of women who, with craftsmanship and passion for what they do, tell about their lives through the artifact. It is a woman who knows how to dose balance and joy with their interchangeable looks by the urban at chic.


I'm very excited to see what this amazing lady has up her sleave next and I cant wait to get my hand on one of her pieces (hint to everyone my birthday is coming up!)





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