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Warm Coffee Hub is a journal devoted to enticing recipes and reviews,  travel, beauty, and global living — discovering affordable products & places to go while drinking your morning coffee. It’s about nesting abroad & finding the remarkable in the everyday. Most of all it’s about the love of life and connecting with all of you travel addicts, coffee lovers and photo enthusiast around the world. 


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February 25, 2018

I have never been the one for cooking and prepping huge meals for multiple guest and family. It just never attracted me to stand next to the stove for hour at a time and stir meals! Don’t get me wrong I love cooking occasionally, but it is mostly one or two dishes I’m...

May 29, 2017

This recipe along with the box full of ingredients was delivered by HomeChef. com (read more about it here). 

Have you ever tried Spanish Patatas Bravas? They’re delicious fried potatoes with tomato sauce. Now imagine how tasty they are when paired with roasted chicken...

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