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Warm Coffee Hub is a journal devoted to enticing recipes and reviews,  travel, beauty, and global living — discovering affordable products & places to go while drinking your morning coffee. It’s about nesting abroad & finding the remarkable in the everyday. Most of all it’s about the love of life and connecting with all of you travel addicts, coffee lovers and photo enthusiast around the world. 


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January 26, 2019

Today I'll be sharing with you all a very simple and affordable dessert that you can prepare for your loved one in no time. I cant image celebrating Valentine's Day with you chocolate and that doesn't mean you need to break your New Year Resolution for it to happen tha...

July 14, 2017

Hi everyone!

Sometimes we need to celebrate ourselves like its our birthday, even if its not! That is why I decided to make something sweet and fun today and celebrate the upcoming weekend, being alive, passing my drivers test or what ever else that is good and positi...

March 5, 2017

There are not many dessert that are so decadent and simple to prepare at the same time like classic New York cheesecake. Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has striven to create the perfect cheesecake. The earliest history of the art is lost, but we know that cheesec...

January 11, 2017

This perfectly creamy, rich hot cocoa is best paired with a blanket and a book by the fire. It's old fashioned, it's comforting, it makes the kitchen smell wonderful and it's good for the soul and I just love making it for my husband and myself before we go to bed on c...

December 16, 2016

Green tea cake roll or Swiss roll is nothing new, but I tried my first piece when I was in Hong Kong. I adore Swiss rolls in general so it is no wonder that this one attracted me in particular. Green Tea is famous for its health benefits that include improved brain fun...

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