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Warm Coffee Hub is a journal devoted to enticing recipes and reviews,  travel, beauty, and global living — discovering affordable products & places to go while drinking your morning coffee. It’s about nesting abroad & finding the remarkable in the everyday. Most of all it’s about the love of life and connecting with all of you travel addicts, coffee lovers and photo enthusiast around the world. 


Love Matea xx
Los Angeles, California 



Delicious recipes & reviews, practical tips, fashion, beauty and globe-trotting travel that will inspire you to discover the world and hopefully enrich your life!

Welcome to Warm Coffee Hub! My name is Matea and I'm Los Angeles (California) based blogger and photographer! WCH is the best place to find not only some amazing tips and reviews but also encouragement, inspiration, and motivation! So sit back, pour yourself some fresh coffee and enjoy browsing the news of the day!



I graduated Media and Communications at University of Political and Social Science in Athens, Greece. Due to my diverse background, I can communicate in 5 languages (Serbo-Croatian, English, Greek, German and Spanish) and I'm always interested in learning something new and hearing your story. Passion for blogging came after I graduated and started traveling the world as a PR Professional working for such brands as The Four Seasons, Taj Hotels etc., and on top of that, I had a great fortune to be surrounded by Michelin Star Chefs who thought me a lot about food and aesthetics of the plate.

I'm always striving to be the best at what I do but at the same time not take myself too seriously.  I love when my inner kid takes over and I can enjoy myself and be goofy surrounded by the people I can't imagine my life without! Since 2016 I have nestled on the West Coast and made LA my home. Now I'm adjusting to my new life as the Army wife of the bravest person I know and a doggy mommy to a two-year-old bichon poodle named Louie. Although I am away from Europe I hope I can bring a new perspective to my new home and hopefully make a few new friends along the way.



Matea G.



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